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Happy birthday to the grand dame of modelling who turns 51 years old this year. That isover 3 decades of fashion ! And we hope more is to come !

Since the site is back online, we have set ourself an obessive objective : publish 700 covers of Linda Evangelista that her Wikipedia page is claiming. Several Linda's fans are giving a helping hand to reach this objective and we would specially like to thank Tito ! We started at about 630 covers a month ago, we are already at 681 covers today.

Dear Linda EEEE's fans,


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Yes, we've got some catching up to do but we have some big surprises in store for 2014. Stay tuned! In the meantime, please enjoy Linda's newest Spring/Summer 2014 ad campaign with Patric Love, in which she returns to a hair color we don't often see these days -- platinum blonde!


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After a several months break, Linda's back in Vogue in Germany and Italy...but only in black and white ! What are the next Vogue editions to feature Linda on their cover ? Vogue UK, Vogue Paris ? Place your bets !

You might have noticed that has been neglected for some time and we are lagging behind in terms of Linda E's latest news... but sometimes time is a rare commodity and there are other priorities. wishes you a happy 2013 !


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Last night, you could not miss Linda Evangelista's presence at the WSJ (Wall Street Journal) Magazine Innovator of the Year Awards held at MOMA in New York City. La Linda wore a rather daring but tastefully elegant all-black ensemble, consisting of a see-through blouse perfectly matched with leather skirt and black Christian Louboutin shoes. The hair was typical Linda, pulled back into a no-frills bun. Utter perfection.

The first thing we noticed was the hair. Linda's hair is getting long! And while we admire the long locks, we also remember why she is known as "fashion's legendary chameleon". And the first thing we always ask when her hair gets long is, "How long before she gets that 'itch' and cuts it again?" Hmmmm. :-)

Last night in New York, Linda joined Karl Lagerfeld and his Chanel posse to celebrate the 80th anniversary of Chanel's Bijoux De Diamants Collection with the guests dressed elaborately in -- what else -- CHANEL. Linda, herself, was sharply dressed in a two-piece tweed Chanel suit.

The Lifestyle Mirror is reporting that a piece of fashion history was sold yesterday in New York for a remarkable price. Steven Meisel's "Walking in Paris", with Linda Evangelista and Kristen McMenamy valued at an estimated $40,000-$60,000 USD sold yesterday for a whopping $86,500 USD at Phillips de Pury & Company's auction! The photo originally appeared in the groundbreaking editorial titled "Time For Change" in the October 1992 edition of Vogue (USA), and later reprinted in 2006 as the cover of the Rizzoli-published book, In Vogue: The Illustrated History of the World's Most Famous Fashion Magazine. You can read more of its catalogued description here.

... or has she ever left ? Anyway, the supermodel graces the November issue of Canadian magazine Fashion to celebrate their 35th anniversary. And what an amazing cover, nothing to do with the uninspired minimum service May 2008 issue. Oops, I almost start to imitate Shana and her incredible range of superlatives. :tongue: :smile:

Please come back! There are too many Linda's news. I'm just an aging Linda's fan and can't keep the pace! Two of use would be better. 

There were massive anti austerity protests in Madrid this week. By an ironic agenda twist, Linda was there as well. She was holding protest signs on the cover of W special Art issue in 2009, however we are not sure she joined the march in the streets of the Spanish capital. Indeed, Linda was in Madrid on an assignement that looked like LOEWE spring/summer 2013 advertising campaign!

Katie Grand, LOVE magazine editor, also labelled as "super-stylist", has collaborated with Hogan on a collection of accessories called "Gang". It will be available in stores in January 2013. In the meanwhile, an army of supermodels joined forces to carry out its promotion: Alessandra Ambrosio, Saskia de Brauw, Edie Campbell, Cara Delevingne, Magdalena Frackowiak, Dree Hemingway and Jessica Stam among others. Linda is part of them!

These ladies have a kind of regressive moment wearing college girls trainers and doll-like design purses, bags, pumps and sunglasses in colorful colors. Looks like sportswear meeting Hello Kitty on a sexy R'b'B sound track. Linda is showcasing probably the most daring piece of the collection - sunglasses with large pink plastic frames. Yo !!! :-)

You are not day dreaming actually, you didn't travel back in time (Internet was not so common at that time), you are not having visions and don't need to rush to your ophthalmologist. It is just the magic of hair styling by Luigi Murenu, makeup by Stephane Marais, photography by Daniela Duella & Iango Henzi and probably an anonymous digital helper that resutrected a 1991 Linda. Hmmm... there might also be a bit of Linda herself in that picture. Enjoy! :-)

After Russian Interview magazine, Linda is also gracing the cover of the German version of this Andy Wahrol's publication. Photography is still by Daniela Duella & Iango Henzi but a different image is chosen for the cover... So let's not deny ourselves the pleasure of endless reprints that grow the Linda's cover count :-p

In this lucky September month, Linda is also looking at you from the September issue of Vanity Fair Spain and talks to you in the matching interview. Photographer Norman Jean Roy seems to be a high-profile celebrity portraitist used to capture Hollywood glamour in narrative settings. He worked for the 120 anniversary issue of US Vogue shooting the most influencial people in the spotlight. For him, La Linda becomes an actress on set. Which is not surprising as she always considered the modelling job as acting but in stills.

"I haven't done her before", Linda reportedly noted when slipping into the on set persona defined by Terry Richardson for Love Magazine, earlier this year. With Interview Russia dated September 2012 Linda got the opportunity to do Andy Warhol in a range of excentric menswear! Hmm... missing some strong hair spray maybe.

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Linda Evangelista has been storming fashion magazines for a couple of weeks now, reuniting with old friends or venturing into new collaborations. We counted 3 covers and 1 editorial. What's next ?

To start with, we have the W September 2012 issue illustrating this coming season fantasy trend. Among dark forest spirits and medieval queens, Linda is casted as a retro domestic super hero. The approach reminds me of The Expendables 2 movie. You will say - "I don't see the relationship." Well, the Expendables is an elite commando of old strong men, led by Sylverster Stallone, who have long past the age to run up the hill with a bazooka and that's why they do it with constant self irony. In W, Linda is posing fully naked. Yes, oops. But as to answer those who will say she has long past the sell-by date to play a misbehaving housewife, she is doing it wearing integral nude latex bodysuits. Haha. :-p
Stay tuned for more news coming tomorrow.

A retrospective piece on Linda's Vogue Italia covers is past due. There are a total of 32 covers. Aside from the remarkable number, a study of each cover can be quite fascinating, especially when one considers that the first was photographed 23 years ago in 1989. Steven Meisel's photographic style has evolved, and Linda's evolution is nothing less than extraordinary. Eyebrows going from thick to thin, the ever-changing hair color and style changes. A different Linda emerged with each cover, from looking boyishly beautiful with her famous crop in February 1989, to a more mature Southern Italian look with the strong nose in the latest May 2012 edition. In the September 2001 issue of American Vogue, fellow supermodel Amber Valletta remarked, "Linda probably loves modeling more than anyone I know. That's why we all love looking at pictures of her." We couldn't agree more. Click on each cover thumbnail for a closer look!

So we're a little late with the news, but better late than never, right? For those of you that are counting, this marks Linda's 32nd Vogue Italia cover (we'll have a breakdown of the covers soon - keep watching this space). An astonishing feat that is unmatched by any other model or celebrity for one of the fashion world's most respected and revered magazines. Please visit the Vogue Italia website to experience the fantasy and fun of today's fashion in a classic Italian cinema setting, beautifully photographed by Stephen Meisel.


Linda turns 47 today and is looking fabulous! Can you believe it? Check out the facts page to learn more about La Linda.



For six intense days, May 3-8, the paparazzi was capturing Linda's every move, from the court to her weekend downtime with her family and friends. And while some in the press generally dubbed her style to be on the demure and conservative side, others suggested she was channeling Jackie O, but all can agree that she was most definitely dressed to impress. Head over to the gallery to see the different looks she wore in New York and Connecticut.

Actually, it's a whimsical take on Linda's cover appearance for the May issue of Vogue Italia. Unfortunately, we're still unable to post comments, but please ENJOY the video...!

Linda arrived looking seemingly like a fashion royal at the annual Met Gala in New York City, this year celebrating the "Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations" exhibit. Linda was dressed in Prada, of course! Click here to see more photos of Linda at this glamourous event! 

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